Advantages of Keratin Smoothing: As opposed to other smoothing processes like Japanese straightening, Simply smooth Keratin Treatment leaves hair healthy. Keratin is a natural conditioner. The gentle Simply Smooth formula is also enriched with vitamins from plants, apple pulp and vanillin (a single molecule component isolated from vanilla.) Our formula's so gentle in fact, hair can be colored or highlighted the same day. And unlike other keratin treatments out there, Simply Smooth won't alter lighter shades of color teated hair.

Cost for a Simply Smooth Brazilian Keratin Treatment is $200.00 + $50.00 for Shampoo and Hair Cut.
This treatment takes 2 plus hours to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Does this product contain Formaldehyde?
A No! This is formaldehyde free.

Q Will this product damage my hair.
A No! There are no harsh, damaging chemicals.

Q How often will I need this treatment repeated?
A With the use of maintenance products, about 16 weeks.

Q Will I have a line when it's growing out like hair color?
A No. It does not grow washes out.

Q Should I expect my hair to be straight?
A Smooth, yes. Pin straight, no.

Q What does keratin do to the hair?
A It smoothes down the cuticle layer and conditions the hair.

Q What type of hair can the Simply Smooth Treatment be used on?
A All hair types can benefit from the Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment.

Q If I have previously color treated hair, can I have the Simply Smooth treatment done?
A Yes!

Q How does this difer form (Japanese) Straightenters?
A There is no thio or lye contained in this product. There is no risk of chemical damage to the hair caused by harsh chemicals.

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